Front loading washing machine now an aquarium

by edwin - on February 17th, 2015

washing-machine-aquariumNow this is one DIY project that is definitely complicated, and while it looks cool, you might find the amount of effort to go through in making it a reality to not be worth the trouble involved. Rochester Appliance are the ones behind this particular idea of introducing additional visual appeal to their appliance showroom – and hence, as a result, a front loading washing machine that has been converted into a full fledged aquarium. Granted, the idea is interesting, but it is far from being practical, as the whole point of an aquarium would be to be able to see the fish and other underwater life mucking about in there through clear glass, but this? Ever tried seeing through the glass panel of that front loading washing machine of yours? Yeah, the sight’s nothing much to shout about, don’t you think so?

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