Doctor Who: Tumbling Tardis Tower Game

by edwin - on February 25th, 2015

tardis-tower-gameEver played Jenga? Now that is a game that requires really steady hands, especially when it gets late into the particular session, as less and less blocks are available for one to remove before the entire tower comes tumbling down. It is as much a cerebral game as it is a physical one, where being a literal test of nerves, you will emerge the winner if you can hold yours. Well, how about adding some Doctor Who flavor to the entire shebang in the form of the $37.95 Doctor Who: Tumbling Tardis Tower Game? This family friendly game of skill will comprise of three dozen wooden blocks in TARDIS blue, where each of them will feature a printed design of the iconic TARDIS on all four sides. At least two players are required to kick off a game, but no one is stopping you from practising alone.

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