Daryl Dixon Zombie Ears Necklace Prop Replica

by edwin - on February 11th, 2015

dixon-ear-replicaThe Walking Dead – a comic series that had turned into a gripping TV series, although there has been some level of deviation from the original material – which is to be expected, anyway, but let’s face it – movies or TV series do tell a story in a whole new perspective, don’t they? You have the tough talking, no-nonsense Daryl Dixon that has escaped death one too many times, and if you happen to be a huge fan of him, then this $99.99 Daryl Dixon Zombie Ears Necklace Prop Replica would do just the trick. At least ears do not bite, and it won’t turn him into a walker, but isn’t it some sort of turn off to have decaying body parts hanging around your neck? There’s a very good reason as to why it remains behind a glass case then.

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