3D Cat Playing Cards

by edwin - on February 13th, 2015

3d-cat-cardsYou might not be Remy LeBeau as shown in the X-Men comics whose weapon of choice are playing cards, but you sure as heck have an affinity for cards – the games as well as the kind of mad money that you are able to win along the way. Well, if you love cards as well as have a soft spot for cats, I am quite sure that you can check out the £9.99 3D Cat Playing Cards to get the best of both worlds. These furry felines happen to be brought to life by the wonders of lenticular technology, and best of all is, these are hardy cards as they are waterproof, not to mention hard wearing and flexible to boot. Best of all is, you do not need any kind of special 3D glasses to check out the movements of the cat within! This is one deck of cards where every single one is a picture, how cute is that?

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