Vintage Britney Spears Doll

by edwin - on January 5th, 2015

vintage-britneyEveryone ages – there are no exceptions, and there does not seem to be such a thing as the fountain of youth. No sir, even the best looking celebrities out there are unable to die with a face that makes them look as though they are in their 20s, unless they happen to die in their 20s, that is. Having said that, many a young adult’s teen idol, Britney Spears, is going to age in due time, so why not make sure your memory of her is preserved with the $21.99 Vintage Britney Spears Doll? This particular doll hails from the year 2000, which was Britney Spears at her prime. I suppose this has more or less ended up as some sort of the equivalent of the ET video game for the Atari 2600 system in the 1960s. Which goes to say a lot, of course.

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