Super Discrete “Pencil” Case

by edwin - on January 15th, 2015

super-discrete-caseNow this is something for the ladies – or the lady in your life. Each month, our healthy ladies who are still in their reproductive mood will have to make sure that they stem the red tide if they are not pregnant, and more often than not, it requires carrying a tampon around. Some girls are more shy than others, and to hide the fact that they are indeed, toting a tampon around, perhaps a case might be called for? The $5.99 Super Discrete “Pencil” Case is one such tool, although I would say that the name on the pencil case itself might raise more curiosity than if it were to be an ordinary pencil case. Come to think of it, why not purchase a regular pencil case instead? But I digress – the Super Discrete “Pencil” Case comes with a zippered pouch in increasingly darker shades of pink, and it is the perfect size to hide your stash of necessities like tampons, Midol, and a chocolate bar even.

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