Slot Shots Divided Shot Glasses

by edwin - on January 7th, 2015

slot-shotsUnited we stand, divided we fall. Well, I suppose the same cannot be said of the Slot Shots Divided Shot Glasses – as these will all look united in their make up, except that the quartet of shot glasses with each purchase would come with built-in dividers. This particular design would allow one to go ahead and mix layered drinks in one’s mouth, without having to go through the process in the glass prior. It might take some getting used to in the long run, but at least it is a fun way to try out new ways to drink. As a bonus for each purchase, you will be able to enjoy another 10 coasters, accompanied by 20 layered drink recipes, now how about that for a decent start right out of the box? Whatever it is, do drink responsibly.

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