Shark Cat Bed

by edwin - on January 29th, 2015

cat-shark-bedCats are strange creatures, really. They do have the ability to melt your heart at times with their behavior, but on the other hand, they can actually drive you nuts – darting around wildly, without any seeming rhyme or reason. You can also keep them occupied with a laser pointer, of course. Well, since you are it’s owner, you might want to provide it with the very best – including the bed on which it sleeps on at night, no matter how pesky your cat can be. The $99 Shark Cat Bed does seem to be worth checking out, where it looks extremely cute, and when you see the cat run through the mouth of the shark, it will look as though it is swallowed up. Thanks to the handmade nature of this item, do bear in mind that no two are the same.

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