Redneck Plunger

by edwin - on January 18th, 2015

redneck-plungerWhen was the last time that your toilet was all clogged up? It certainly was far from being a pleasant experience, am I not correct? After all, the stench that comes from such a situation is far from inviting, and it is made even worse if there happens to be a water cut in your area. A plunger is always handy to have around at home, as it might help soothe the passage of the water flow in the right direction, but if you know any friends who would appreciate such toilet humor, then the $29.98 Redneck Plunger might be worth checking out. This plunger resembles a shotgun, but works like a plunger simply because it is. However, one can still cock the barrel and pull the trigger, where doing the latter results in a realistic shotgun sound and a laugh-worthy phrase, “If it’s brown, it’s down” being played out loud.

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