Poop Emoji Pillow

by edwin - on January 13th, 2015

poop-emoji-pillowEmojis are cute, that is for sure – and when you bring together something like poop and mix it with the soft and silky touch of a pillow, you end up with something that is truly adorable. Take the $19.99 Poop Emoji Pillow for example – this allows you to say it with a smile, sending a Poop to someone else as a gift – in huggable form, of course. The Poop Emoji Pillow is made with super soft plush, as it is filled with polyester fibers. It shares a rough measurement of 13” x 12”, and will take up to 5 business days to ship within the US, and up to three times the length for international shipment. Right now, it might be out of stock, but at least we are assured that it will be replenished within this month itself.

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