Ouch! Bite Me Bandages

by edwin - on January 6th, 2015

bite-me-bandagesSuffering from a cut is serious business – normally, you would want to disinfect the wound as quickly as possible, which could be an even more painful experience than the cut itself, before following it up by bandaging said wound to make sure that there are no nasty germs or bacteria which the naked eye is unable to see will not jump in and make an even bigger mess out of things. Since children can be easily distracted, how about giving them the $3.99 Ouch! Bite Me Bandages? Surely these bandages are worth using even on adults, since it is a very potent conversation starter as folks ask more about the bandage itself than how you cut yourself. Arriving in half a dozen styles, you will definitely have a spanking good time with it, not that I wish for you to get cut!

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