Instant Nap in a Bottle Breath Spray

by edwin - on January 23rd, 2015

nap-bottleI don’t know about you, whether you believe in fairy tales that include magic beans which will grow into beanstalks that snake all the way to the sky so that you can retrieve a golden egg or a harp, but if you happen to fall under that magical category, then perhaps you are a prime candidate for the likes of the $5.49 Instant Nap in a Bottle Breath Spray. This patented breath spray formula is so strong, that your breath would be instantly refreshed! The effect lasts for less than a minute, and you can fool yourself into thinking that you have slept all night. Basically, you apply a single dose of Instant Nap spray to the back of your throat without closing your eyes, and while this is not medically proven, it claims that a single oral application is equivalent to 20 minutes deep sleep. Of course, artificial sleep is not a replacement for real sleep, and you should not use it during work as this is a gag gift.

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