Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

by edwin - on January 11th, 2015

hill-nutcrackerPolitics – it is an extremely sensitive topic to approach, especially if you happen to be in the company of people whom you are not familiar with, and it is the very first time you have met them. Having said that, I am quite sure just about everyone in this world would have heard of Hillary Clinton before – the wife of ex-US president Bill Clinton, and she has made her way around the field of politics pretty well, too. She’s one tough nut to crack – which could very well be the inspiration behind this $19.95 Hillary Clinton Nutcracker. No longer do you need to leave her alone to bust Bill’s nuts, since she can do that to yours now, as she stands proud at 9″ tall. All that you need to do is to supply the nuts and place them between her legs, squeeze, and you’re good to go!

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