Hands Stand ensures a (somewhat) hands-free reading experience

by edwin - on January 19th, 2015

hand-standIf you love reading books – you know, those traditional ones which come in sheets of paper instead of having to view them through a screen – E Ink or otherwise, then I am quite sure that you would have your fair share of bookmarks and other kinds of reading accessories, perhaps a portable reading light even. Well, with the £12.95 Hand Stand, you can continue reading whatever tome that has gripped your imagination – all without having to hold the book, save for those few moments when you need to flip a page. This means your hands are free to do whatever they wish while you read, including cracking those knuckles, or how about giving that back of yours a nice scratch? The Hand Stand will be spring-loaded, and can be pulled forward in order to hold larger books steady, in a supportive grip.

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