Grow A Unicorn

by edwin - on January 26th, 2015

grow-a-unicornUnicorns are magical creatures, or so that is what we have been told. After all, they do leave a rainbow trail behind – and poop gold, or so I have heard. All right, unicorns are but myths, and hence, it would not be too healthy to convince your little ones that unicorns are actual creatures, but have gotten extinct. Still, you can always exercise their imagination, can’t you? The $3.99 Grow A Unicorn would be able to let you, as its name suggests, grow a unicorn. How does it work? All that you need to do is to place it in water, and within 2 hours’ time, it will start to grow, with the entire growth process taking a good three days. If you were to remove it from water, it will then shrink back to the original size. Of course, you can always let it grow again if you so desire – just dump it into water.

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