Grow A Diamond Ring

by edwin - on January 22nd, 2015

grow-a-diamond-ringDiamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend – unfortunately for the lady whom you would like to woo and make her your wife, it could cost you an arm and a leg – or maybe even more than that. After all, there is the unspoken rule of forking out three months’ salary in order to purchase an engagement ring, and we haven’t yet touched on the matter of the wedding ring itself. Taking into consideration how the world is all into instant items and results, here is the $3.99 Grow A Diamond Ring that jives with such culture. All that you need is to add some water, and it will grow 600 times it’s original size, now how about that? It will grow within 2 hours and reach the full size in 3 days’ time.

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