Disco Ball Wall Clock

by edwin - on January 13th, 2015

disco-ball-wall-clockTelling the time is as simple as looking at a clock or a watch – a quick glance and the job will be done. However, since there are many different kinds of clocks available in the market, just which particular model would you choose from in order to spruce up your home? For those who feel that they have beats rising up from within, there is the $19.99 Disco Ball Wall Clock – a clock that is a surefire way to inspire you, so that you can unleash your inner Gloria Gaynor or Dancing Queen. The fancy shiny disco ball will allow you to get down and boogie with it each time you check for the time. It measures 11.5” in diameter and is made out of tempered glass, although you will have to provide the AA battery by yourself.

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