Critical Hit D20 Doormat

by edwin - on January 8th, 2015

d20-doormatAll of you Dungeons & Dragons fans, perhaps it is time for you to work on a remodeling of your own home? Sure, you might be extremely tight when it comes to cash, but surely there is some bits and pieces of your home that could do with a touch up, or enhancement, to share with the rest of the world of your love for the role playing game? Why not start small, and start from the outside with the $19.99 Critical Hit D20 Doormat? As its name suggests, this happens to be a doormat that comes shaped like a d20, and it is also a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive which you will not be able to find anywhere else. Do bear in mind that it works great to wipe off dirt from under your shoes, but it sure as heck ain’t gonna be able to stand up to dragon fire – or even normal fire for that matter.

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