Cream Filled Cupcake Pillow

by edwin - on January 9th, 2015

cupcake-cushionI have yet to meet someone who is able to turn down a delicious cupcake, except maybe for those who are so big on health, that they live on a specially tailored diet, eliminating as much sugar as possible in addition to all those delicious albeit fattening stuff in between. Either way, a cupcake is as sweet as a dessert as can be, and will definitely be a satisfying end to any meal – best if accompanied by some coffee to boot, of course. Well, the $25.99 Cream Filled Cupcake Pillow might not be edible even though it looks the part, but as its name suggests, this is a pillow that has been specially shaped to resemble that of your favorite childhood chocolate cupcake. There’s no cream in there, as it is full of polystyrene bead fill.

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