Cracked iPhone Screen Sticker

by edwin - on January 24th, 2015

cracked-iphone-screen-stickeriPhones can be said to be one of the more desirable smartphone models out there in the market, so much so that they happen to fetch a decent value – even if it is a stolen handset. Hence, one might want to take extra care in making sure that your latest iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus purchase is well protected and taken care of. Never ever leave it on a table at the coffee shop and walk up to the counter to place your order – the handset might not be there when you return. However, if your phone were to look battered and old, chances are no one would want to give a second look at it – and this is where the $3.99 Cracked iPhone Screen Sticker comes in. Sure, it will cramp your style whenever you type messages or view videos on your iPhone with this sticker on, but at least it will double up as a deterrent to potential thieves.

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