Bird’s Nest Toothpick Holder

by edwin - on January 15th, 2015

toothpick-holderEverybody loves a good meal – no one more than an extremely hungry person who has been starving for quite some time already. However, mowing down one’s food faster than normal without going through the entire “40 chews before you swallow” formula might result in indigestion, not to mention bits and pieces of certain food (corn is one of those culprits) getting stuck between your teeth. It can be quite embarrassing to carry out a conversation while you have a piece of vegetable nestled between your incisors – which is where a toothpick comes in handy. Hence, make sure your dining table has toothpicks around for your guests, and while you are at it, why not make it look good in the form of the $9.99 Bird’s Nest Toothpick Holder? It would make those toothpicks look like a twig in a bird nest.

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