Retrovision: Rear View Glasses

by edwin - on December 1st, 2014

retrovisionHindsight can be said to be 20/20 most of the time, as we would, by then, have the advantage of knowing how things unfolded. However, that is just metaphorically speaking, and if you would like to live in a world where you get to watch your back – literally speaking, all the time, you will not go wrong with the zany pair of $5.95 Retrovision: Rear View Glasses. You can be sure that others will wonder whether you have been bitten by a radioactive spider sometime in the past, since you are able to block or avoid any incoming haymaker or kick from the behind, all without having to turn around. This is made possible since the Retrovision: Rear View Glasses sport mirror-treated edges that provide you with crisp visibility of all going on.

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