Panda Heat Change Mug

by edwin - on December 10th, 2014

panda-heat-change-mugPandas are such cute creatures, but they happen to be an endangered species. They are not predators by nature, amble along slowly at their own pace, chew on some bamboo whenever hungry, heck – all of that starts to make me wonder just what the main function of a panda is in the great scheme of things? It does not dig tunnels underneath the soil like an earthworm to keep it fertile, and neither does it help balance the ecosystem in its own way – or at least, we have not found out yet. Still, it is cute as a button, and if you would like to have a panda grace your table, why not get the $14.99 Panda Heat Change Mug to do so? The sleeping panda mug would “wake up” when you fill him up with a hot beverage of your choice, and to drink, just hold him by his ears. He’ll be able to take it, no worries.

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