Multicolored Drip Candles

by edwin - on December 23rd, 2014

multicolored-candleCandles are said to be extremely romantic additions to any dinner or social function, as they exude a gentle warmth and glow unlike any other kind of light. A wood fire would be too strong, not to mention the constant stoking of it. Well, why not go the whole nine yards the next time you orchestrate a candlelit dinner for your other half with the £5.99 Multicolored Drip Candles? It actually look like unassuming white candles, where it will erupt into a dribbling rainbow of colors once lighted up and the flame takes its due course down the wick. Each pack will carry a couple of these wondrous ornaments, where they will burn and drip anywhere from an hour all the way to 90 minutes.

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