Flying Blue Elephant Hat

by edwin - on December 26th, 2014

flying-blue-elephant-hat“When pigs fly!” is a common expression to describe a situation where it is virtually impossible to happen, although one wonders whether a flying elephant would be any more likely. Perhaps you might want to start with a new phrase trend, wearing the $6.90 Flying Blue Elephant Hat to parties as well as other social gatherings. The Flying Blue Elephant Hat will feature a soft, plush blue Elephant that will sit quietly right on top of your head, but there is a “hidden feature” to it, so to speak, as you pull the subtle ribbons on the sides, his giant ears will begin to flap with fervor. The Flying Blue Elephant Hat will be able to fit majority of the heads out there, as it is made out of soft polyester materials. There will be ribbons on sides that will let you tie it below your chin.

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