F**ktionary tests your naughty linguistic skills

by edwin - on December 24th, 2014

fkionaryThis coming Christmas, you might want to pick up the £24.99 F**ktionary on purpose in order to cross yourself off from Santa’s “Nice” list, as the F**ktionary falls well under the purview of the “Naughty” list for sure. After all, the name itself already gives the game away (pun not intended), where you score points through the guessing of the correct meaning of obscene terms, and on the other hand, you would have to attempt to fool others with your very own definitions that require a fair amount of imagination – often of the naked variety. With the F**ktionary, you will be able to gain a revealing insight into your friends’ dirty imaginations, and vice versa, where it is not only vulgar, but there is a certain degree of educational value attached to it. Definitely not something that you would want to play in the presence of little children for sure.

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