Doctor Who TARDIS Spatula

by edwin - on December 8th, 2014

dr-who-tardis-splatulaWhipping up something delicious in the kitchen can be quite a challenge, especially when you are also working outside, so much so that you would need to constantly extend your horizons in order to find out different recipes that would make your family’s taste buds tick. Well, if you are a Doctor Who fan and would need a spatula for whatever reason, then the $19.99 Doctor Who TARDIS Spatula would definitely be able to turn some eyes and heads in the kitchen. The flipping end does resemble that of the TARDIS, while the handle end looks similar to that of a handle of a spatula, making this the right spatula for recipes which involve both time and space. Made out of silicone and metal, this is an officially licensed Doctor Who spatula.

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