Chemistry Oil & Vinegar Cruet Set

by edwin - on December 24th, 2014

oil-vinegar-cruetHow many of you love the Breaking Bad series on TV that has long since ended? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, and start to see everything around you via their element names, then surely your dining room or kitchen is in dire need of the $24.99 Chemistry Oil & Vinegar Cruet Set. After all, there is nothing quite like having a little dash of vinegar or olive oil during you next meal. Surely all of your geek friends whom you invite over would be envious of the Chemistry Oil & Vinegar Cruet Set, where each flask will resemble that of a chemistry lab flask, and it comes complete with its very own periodic table style label that will easily identify just which flask to use for the oil, and which flask will hold some vinegar. Either way, you can store up to 250ml of the good stuff in each flask.

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