Bucket of Doom

by edwin - on December 12th, 2014

bucket-of-doomAh, the holiday season is upon us again – this means that there will be family reunions. While most family reunions might be fun, some of us cannot stand the sight of other relatives. Perhaps knowing them better might help break down the wall of hostility, and with the £14.99 Bucket of Doom, that might just do the trick. After all, what better way than a silly card game to break down walls of animosity built over the years due to a misunderstanding? The Bucket of Doom is a card game that meets storytelling, offering a sprinkling of black comedy along the way. You will need to escape from doom-laden scenarios with completely useless objects, and your job is to convince the rest of the crowd that your daring escape plan is a sound one – otherwise you would, you’ve guessed it – kicked the bucket.

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