Bird Cookie Cutter Creatures

by edwin - on December 28th, 2014

bird-cookie-cutter-creaturesHow would you like your cookie cutters to serve you? Well, if you happen to be a bird, then you might be extremely interested in the $8.99 Bird Cookie Cutter Creatures – where they would do their bit to cut up cookies for your pet birds, but in reality, they are also perfect for regular humans who would want to get their usual dose of cookies in. The Birds Cookie Cutter Creatures will be able to create edible little friends which you will be able to perch on your mug, but try not to feel too attached to it – since eating them cookies would be inevitable, but on the bright side of things, you can always take the step to bake some more. Each purchase comes in a set of two metal cookie cutters – the toucan and parrot.

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