The Floater Floating Turd

by edwin - on November 9th, 2014

floaterThere are some things in life which should not exist at all, although one simply cannot explain away as to why it still does. Case in point, the $8.95 The Floater Floating Turd. This is a fake piece of turd which will be able to do its part to astonish and mesmerize folks, and at the same time send folks running for safety. Of course, if you were to leave this lying around a pool of water, or perhaps even in a carafe, it will take some time for those who have fallen for your prank to actually get over it. After all, they might end up psychologically scarred, and you could very well lose a few friends along the way. The entire The Floater Floating Turd measures 10” in length and features realistic detailing in the crap such as pieces of corn.

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