Shark Ornament

by edwin - on November 3rd, 2014

sharknado-ornamentHave you watched Sharknado? If you haven’t yet done so, perhaps you might want to watch this particular campy show, which brings together two very different elements that no one would have thought up of in the first place. If you tend to throw parties each year – and lavish as well as crazy ones at that, in your place of residence, perhaps you might want to check out this unique looking $5.99 Shark Ornament to dress up your Christmas tree later this year! This Sharknado ornament will definitely be able to transform your holiday into “Shark Week”, so to speak, and it has the Sharknado logo stamped on both sides to boot, making sure that you aren’t able to run away from such a fact. Good thing this shark measures just 4.5” in length compared to the real fictional deal – how ironic!

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