Rainbow Cloud Handbag

by edwin - on November 2nd, 2014

rainbow-cloud-handbagNow here is an extremely interesting handbag to look at – especially when you take into consideration how most of the other designer handbags out there tend to look a certain way, carrying a select sense of suaveness, but this $39.99 Rainbow Cloud Handbag would defy traditional design principles – just as well, taking into consideration that this is a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive. After all, shouldn’t your purse make you happy? The Rainbow Cloud Handbag will have a rigid exterior that measures 12.25″ wide at base and 9.25″ high in the middle, not to mention being 3.5” deep, which ought to make it more than enough to tote your e-book reader around. The embroidered exterior design will be accompanied by polyester lining with kawaii raindrop print.

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