Mustache Tape Dispenser

by edwin - on November 12th, 2014

mustache-tape-dispenserAre all tape dispensers created equal? The quick and easy answer would be to reply “No”, since that makes sense. Unfortunately, most of the tape dispensers that we have come across in the market do happen to sport a rather boring form factor or design, but I guess that is because this particular industry is not too big on revamping things – after all, nobody has bothered to reinvent the wheel. Well, if you would like to have some laughs, perhaps the $10.95 Mustache Tape Dispenser might be able to change your perspective. As its name points out, this tape dispenser is ideal for all of your office needs, as it oozes with charisma, style, sharpness, suavity and ultimate sexiness. It will be able to fit all regular tape rolls, although you will need to provide those yourself.

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