Mr. Pug Mask

by edwin - on November 4th, 2014

pug-maskWhile I am a dog lover, this does not mean that all breeds would agree with me. For instance, I love larger sized dogs, especially those that have the tenacity and instinct to retrieve items. Flat faced pugs are adorable to some, and if you happen to fall into that particular category and want to make preparations for your next fancy costume party, why not go as a pug? In this way, you can pee all over the place without being chided due to the nature of your costume. Just slide on the £49.99 Mr. Pug Mask and you’re good to go, where it comes with a comfortable chin strap in order to have its mouth move as you talk. Thankfully, there is also a furry neck bib that will tuck into your collar in order to complete the illusion.

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