Make It Rain Confetti

by edwin - on November 13th, 2014

make-it-rain-confettiI am quite sure that we have watched more than our fair share of rap videos, so much so that we do know how these high flying rappers are draped in bling, not to mention the fact that money seems to be no object at all, throwing it away, or in some instances, burning it just to flaunt their wealth. Well, the next time you are going to attend a wedding, and if you are offered to throw some confetti onto the newlyweds as they walk down the aisle after exchanging their vows, why not do so with the $11.95 Make It Rain Confetti? Coming in the form of Benjamins, you can be sure to have a nice laugh to yourself as you see everyone around the newlyweds clamor for some of these – until they realize that these are fakes, since it comes in approximately 250 different sized bills in each bag.

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