Magic Dinosaur Volcano

by edwin - on November 24th, 2014

dinosaur-volcanoHave you lost the sense of childhood wonder as the rigors and responsibilities of adulthood take over your life? Well, when one was a child, one definitely believed in the power of magic, and there were leprechauns and unicorns hanging around in the universe. Having said that, you might still be able to indulge in a sense of wonder with the $3.99 Magic Dinosaur Volcano, where it will see a dinosaur actually emerge from a fizzing volcano, where it will then be able to grow by up to 300% of its original size, now how about that? Surely a volcano that erupts, resulting in a dinosaur is worth an encore, don’t you think so? It will take approximately 72 hours for it to grow fully, where all you need is a wee bit of water.

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