Finger Candle Set

by edwin - on November 10th, 2014

finger-candle-setI know that Halloween has come and gone, and it will be one long year before the ghoulish celebrations resume, but perhaps you can always get your kicks in throughout the other months of the year, being the prankster that you are, with the $14.95 Finger Candle Set? As the name itself suggests, this is far from being an ordinary candle set, but rather, it will take on the form of various fingers of a hand, burning slowly and melting away. These candles will definitely freak out anyone who is not used to your sense of humor for sure, as most ordinary folks will do a double take on your cake, this I am sure – and it is sure as heck going to get your birthday cake a whole lot of circulation around online based on the candles alone. It also helps a whole lot that the candles come in a life-sized form factor that are based on an adult male’s hand.

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