Coldfingers Mitten Ice Tongs

by edwin - on November 26th, 2014

coldfingers-ice-tongsWhen it comes to the food and beverage business, being hygienic is definitely one of the standards that anyone and everyone should aspire to. Well, grabbing ice cubes with your fingers and plopping them into your drinks is not exactly the cleanest way of doing things, even more so if you are the one hosting a party and are offering drinks to your guests. How about using a pair of tongs? That works a whole lot better, but why take the road that is well traveled with an ordinary pair of tongs, when you can settle for the far more inspiring $9.99 Coldfingers Mitten Ice Tongs? This pair will definitely add some compassion and humor to your bar tools! Not only that, you will no longer have to settle for cold fingers as you grab a block of ice to place into a cocktail.

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