Barking Dog Key Hooks

by edwin - on November 27th, 2014

barking-dog-key-hookA dog is a man’s best friend – but you too, would need to do your part to clean up after man’s best friend whenever it poops. It is the responsible thing to do, especially when you are out in the public (although no one really cares if your pooch poops in your own home). Well, there is nothing quite like the sight of a wagging tail to greet you at any time of the day, and the £14.99 Barking Dog Key Hooks is certainly cute enough to be placed in any home. Using the Barking Dog Key Hook, you can hang up your keys on it, and it will be able to emits barking sound effects along the way. You can choose from magnetic and screw mounting options, and there are three colors – Brown, White and Pink to choose from.

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