Yoda Computer Sitter

by edwin - on October 30th, 2014

yoda-computer-sitterYoda, the great Jedi Master, is a being that is full of wisdom and benelovence, although he will not shirk away from a lightsaber battle as and when the situation calls for it, of course. How can he – when he has to lead by example? Well, one way of having a wizened old being keep a watchful eye on you always is to remind you to be on your best behavior all the time, and this is where the $10.95 Yoda Computer Sitter would come in handy for all Star Wars fans. He will sit right there on your monitor, where his head bobbles around with every slight movement. In other words, the Yoda Computer Sitter too, can double up as an early earthquake detection system in your cubicle.

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