Writer’s Block & Pencil Sharpener

by edwin - on October 18th, 2014

writers-blockThose of you out there who happen to be involved in the world of arts will definitely be able to identify with a writer’s block – whether you are a scriptwriter, or are writing a play at the moment, or simply intend to compose the next sonata that will bring the world to adoration at your feet. There are just days when the brain simply does not work at all, and perhaps it is time you bust out the $5.99 Writer’s Block & Pencil Sharpener and help it jog your imagination. After all, there is no better way to unblock a writer’s block than with a plunger, right? This is one addition to your stationery collection that comes with a dash of humor, and who knows? It might just work wonders on your writer’s block.

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