Tentacle Mug

by edwin - on October 5th, 2014

tentacle-mugNot all mugs are created equal, this is for sure. Having said that, if you would want to have a mug which does offer something out of the ordinary, you might want to settle for the $12.99 Tentacle Mug, which is truly an extraordinary way of drinkingyour favorite beverage. After all, this particular mug should go down well with pirates and their ilk, and we know how much of a strong drinker they can be. With the Tentacle Mug, you will find the tentacle to be the handle as it looks extremely lifelike, but fret not – it is not going to come across as slimy and soft, since that would not make it much of a handle, right? This is a Thinkgeek creation and exclusive just in case you were wondering.

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