Stress Mushrooms

by edwin - on October 7th, 2014

anger-management-mushroomLet’s face it – we live in an extremely stressful world these days, what with endless traffic jams, the continued rising cost of living, it does feel as though the end times are about to arrive. How one deals with such stress, is another matter altogether, and here we are with the £5.99 Stress Mushrooms that will arrive in Enoki, Fly Agaric, King Trumpet and Matsutake form factors. At any point in time when you are raging, you can calm down simply by stretching them, twisting them, and heck, even giving them a good whack on the desk! Touted to be Japan’s favorite anger management solution, they are made from extremely durable rubber, but do make sure none of the children around will end up eating them since they do have a rather lifelike texture.

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