Stop Kitty! Wine Stopper

by edwin - on October 6th, 2014

stop-kitty-wine-bottle-stopperFor those of you who happen to own cats, I am quite sure that you would have experienced your feline friends actually run around the home for no particular reason – as though they were chasing some sort of apparition themselves, making me wonder whether there really is some other ‘being’ from the netherworld that is sharing the same roof as me. Is that shadow that the corner of my eye saw just a figment of my imagination, or is it a whole lot more? Who really knows? Cats are mysterious, and they do seem to want to get into a whole truckload of trouble from time to time. If you really want to court trouble, then getting the $9.99 Stop Kitty! Wine Stopper is a surefire way of ending up with a mess in your home for sure.

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