Pi Wax Seal

by edwin - on October 2nd, 2014

pi-wax-sealAh, the classic Pi number – how many decimal points of 22/7 can you remember so far? I am not sure about you, but 3.142 is about as far as I can get, and would prefer to let a calculator do the rest of the dirty work, so to speak. While I am not quite sure who sends letters or snail mail any more these days, for those who happen to still do so, you might want to take a page out of the royals of yore by adding a seal to the back of the envelope, making sure that there is no one reading your letter – unless they get the very same seal as yours, of course. Emails? Those can always be modified using a “Mark as Unread” option. Meh! The $26 Pi Wax Seal is a work of art, and it has just received a makeover as a stylish wax seal. This is a great gift for both teachers and students, and to make nature smile as well, it arrives in a 100% recycled gift box.

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