Party Blaster, Streamer and Confetti Gun

by edwin - on October 25th, 2014

party-blaster-streamerOften when a newly wedded couple walk down the aisle after the marriage vows have been exchanged, with the minister presenting the couple, there will be party streamers being let off for a festive look – and it is such a moment that photographers cherish, as they attempt to capture just the right look at the right time. If you are a wedding planner and would like to offer something different to the wedding guests the next time around, you might want to check out the
$11.99 Party Blaster, Streamer and Confetti Gun. This is one awesome Party Gun which is capable of spraying your party with confetti and streamers. Using it is a snap – all that you need to do is to hold the bright orange rifle in your hand, take aim, and fire away! It can be loaded with a 3oz. can of party string, where you can also opt to reload it with majority of the other party string canisters that are available from novelty stores.

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