Pachi Pachi Clappy

by edwin - on October 1st, 2014

pachi-clapperThe Japanese certainly know how to package those zany game and variety shows that you see on TV, and this time around, we have the £12.99 Pachi Pachi Clappy that will arrive in a choice of black, blue or red colors. Basically, clapping your hands for a long period of time, especially when you are cheering on your favorite superstar, or favorite sports team, can prove to be rather tiring – not to mention turning your hands all red like a lobster. Why not enlist the help of a gadget to get the job done? The Pachi Pachi Clappy is Japan’s favourite artificial hand-clapping device, where it can handle slow claps all the way to rapturous applause. Not only that, it comes with a cute and gaping mouth alongside startled eyes, not to mention indescribably soft rubber hands. Heck, this is one of those things that should exist simply because.

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