Magical Unicorn Drinking Horn

by edwin - on October 9th, 2014

magical-unicorn-hornUnicorns are a figment of the imagination, but we do know at times that it is the power of imagination that keeps humanity going forward. After all, who can resist the fact that without imagination, we might still not have discovered the efficiency of flight? Drink to your achievements in the next celebratory occasion with the $19.99 Magical Unicorn Drinking Horn, as this unique drinking utensil will be able to hold 2.15 oz. of your most special of liquids. Don’t worry, no unicorns have been harmed in the process, as in reality, it happens to be made from BPA-free, ABS plastic. It is ideal for parties where folks want to play the role of an immortality-seeking dark wizard, drinking their favorite poison of choice, so to speak, from this unique horn.

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