Light Up Unicorn Horn

by edwin - on October 10th, 2014

light-up-unicorn-hornIt does not look as though the craze surrounding unicorns are about to end anytime soon, even more so if you happen to be a power hungry wizard who wants to rule the world. Since unicorns are virtually impossible to find, perhaps it is time one adopts a “Look East” policy – and pick up this $12.95 Light Up Unicorn Horn which in all probability would have been made in China. After all, what isn’t made in China any more these days, other than a handful of different souvenirs that require highly specialized handiwork? The Light Up Unicorn Horn will work as its name suggests – you wear it on your head as the transparent strap keeps it in place, while pressing the button would allow for the horn to light up a multi-color fading light show.

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